The Rice University team won the championship this year! 🎈🎈🎈
We had great games at the Houston Badminton Center 🏸🏸🏸
Thanks to all the sponsors!

Houston Sugarland & Katy Chinese Church Teams Match 🌺🎈🏸🏸🏸 [March 30th, 2019]

2019 YONEX NorthWest Husky Open [2/16-17,2019]

After trip to Seattle. Feel so lucky to meet former coach of the Chinese national team, my coach Mr Tang Xuehua. I observed again how he coached a whole player with patience and discipline. Coaching Badminton coaching is so much more than just teaching skills and training in various routines. Coaching high performance players requires careful planning and strategically building a layered team, a respectful, competitive and supportive environment that cultivates focus and motivation among players. Such team takes years of coordinated efforts from the coach, players and parents. But no top player can be effectively coached without such solid foundation.

What I saw in this national level tournament was how kids from across the east coast and the west coast were putting extraordinary efforts in advancing their badminton games, improving in their speed and agility, honing their skills sets and accuracy, and improving their psychological resilience. All of this cannot happen without their parents, who accompany their training and travel nation-wide to tournaments. Such strong family support in badminton is cultivating top badminton junior players all around the country.

Happy Chinese New Year – the Year of PIG 🙂


2019 ClearOne Open

Congratulation to our student Alick Yu won a U19 medal in 2019 ClearOne Open Regional Championships!!!

2019 New Year 3 vs 3 Tournament

To celebrate the New Year of 2019, we co-host our first 3 vs 3 tournament on 1/5/2019. There were 10 teams participated and we had a fun and excited time together at Houston Badminton Center.

Cake for Tournament

Happy New Year Sale – 35% OFF RS18 Racket

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December 15th, 2018 – Schafer Holiday Badminton Clinic and Dinner Party @ the Houston Badminton Center

There are 24 spots available for this special introductory session at the discounted price of $20.

Training will be followed by a free (included with your $20 training fee) dinner party. Dinner will be Indonesian/Chinese cuisine from Rice Bowl and will be served at HBC immediately following training.

Adults of all levels are welcome to register. At this session, Coach Rong Schafer will introduce the adult training program that will be starting in January of 2019.

The training will take place from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm on December 15th, 2018 at the Houston Badminton Center.

2018 Plano South Open

Congratulation to our student Scarlett Yu won U11 two champion and one runner-up in 2018 Plano South Open Local Championships!

Schafer Shuttles

Hello, Badminton Lovers!

First, let me introduce my company. My company’s name is “荣豆儿羽毛球”, which roughly translates to “Rong Bean Badminton” 😆 after a nickname that I’ve had since I was young. In English, we go by “Schafer Sports, LLC”, which is from my English surname, Schafer. We were founded in August 2016 in China and incorporated in the US in January of 2017.

Our logo is a combination of a badminton shuttle as well as our Chinese and English names. There is also a very special symbol, which looks kind of like the English letter “L”. In fact, it is a Mongolian word, which translates literally to “Sulu ingot” (a kind of ceremonial spear) and was used by Genghis Khan. It represents supreme and invincible protection!

Whether the shuttle is made of duck or goose feathers, there are two factors that determine the quality: durability and flight quality. First, consider the durability. Shuttles are made of 16 feathers and a rounded cork head. A good shuttle can withstand any shot: kill, clear, drop, or net shot. The feathers should stay fixed in the cork without bending or breaking to ensure maximum lifetime.

Now, let’s talk about the flight path. High quality shuttles fly straight. I’ve put my shuttles to the test with many professional players and they agree that Schafer shuttles have comparable flight paths to the leading brands. And if you can have the same quality shuttle for a lower price, why not? 😀

Currently, we have five different shuttles available, which can be suitable for all different levels of play. Our Schafer shuttles range from international tournament grade to training grade, so that whether you’re a professional badminton player or a novice level player, you’ll definitely find the right Schafer shuttle that suits your play.

Enjoy your play with Schafer shuttles! 😊


2017 Schafer Summer Camp

Schafer Sports LLC is very pleased and proud to be a part of 2017  Schafer Sports LLC Summer Camp. In the near future, Schafer Sports LLC would like to coordinate more and more international training camps to allow the kids around the world to have an opportunity to improve their badminton skills, make friends and provide international exchange opportunities in badminton.